Nuffield Health pride themselves on fostering excellence. A great example of this is their tennis academy in Hull. Paul Jubb is the current LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) under sixteen number three. This is his story.

This was a mood film produced to highlight the amount of hard work and “dedication” it takes to become a champion. At the age of sixteen, Paul has already won several international junior championships and is set to be a big name in the professional scene. Documenting his rise and showcasing his talents acted as excellent brand promotion.

One of the key sequences we wanted to get was Paul’s home life. Playing the Playstation, going to the library and walking around town attempted to humanise him and allow the audience to connect with his journey. I also wanted show the solitary nature of being a professional athlete, as you spend a great deal of time on your own.

Equipment-wise, I used a Sony A7s with some nice Zeiss primes attached primarily to a DJi Ronin. This made it very easy to get tracking shots of Paul training but also allowed us to get a couple of shots from our car.

ClientNuffield HealthServicesDP, Camera Op, Editing,

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